A Slaves Tale Part 6



As The Mistress coats Goliath with electrolube She instructs Nancy to Strap Her slut securely to the bench "we don't want it bouncing around like a jumping jack when we light it up do we" She smirks.


 The slut feels the bindings biting into its flesh as Nancy follows The Mistress instructions to the "T", pulling tightly on the straps, Nancy moves to the sluts head to fix the upper back strap the slut senses and smells the vanilla coated condom still covering Nancy's erect cock is near by and instinctively turns and opens its mouth eagerly expecting Nancy to fill the void once again.

 The Mistress bursts into laughter seeing the sluts willing and open mouth, its tongue extended trying to entice Nancy's cock in, "oh what have we created here Nancy a proper little whore it seems"


 The Mistress slowly slides Goliath into the sluts pussy, causing it to tense as it feels the cold Steel violating his pussy. The Mistress picks up on its tension, leans forward and whispers in its ear "oh don't worry it will soon warm up and by the time I've finished I will own this pussy just as I own your mouth now" with that The Mistress forces the last few inches in causing the slut to shudder.


 StandIng upright The Mistress looks down and gentle moves Goliath back and forward slipping it in and out causing the slut to moan, "Nancy shut this piece of dirt up, I don't want to listen to his pathetic moaning, give him want he so desperately desires and choke him with your cock, but no cumming mind It's not time for that yet".


 Nancy moves forward teasing the sluts open mouth for a few seconds before giving it what it wants, the moaning stops as the slut eagerly sucks on the cock. The slut doesn't feel the Mistress stop and the cold metal box resting on his back, She wires Goliath to the control box, She continues sliding Goliath back and forwards in and out all the time watching the sluts reaction.


 As The Mistress draws back She notices the slut moves back trying to retain Goliath, She starts to delay sliding Goliath back in a few seconds each time, after a while She slides Goliath out and looking down laughs to see the slut twitching straining at his bindings try to force himself back "looking for Goliath".


 The Mistress retrieves a thick marker pen and writes on the sluts backside "This pussy is now the property of Mistress Suzzie", She then slides Goliath into Her newly acclaimed pussy, picks up the control box and informs Nancy he may want to retrieve his cock from the sluts mouth" for safety reasons".


 Confused at Nancy's withdrawal the slut feels a tingling sensation in what he once called his pussy, slowly the sensation starts to increase as The Mistress adjusts the controls

 "Time to make this slut dance" She chortles as She increases the power surging through Goliath.