Welcome to My web site, do take a step into Mistress Suzzie's world.


Life has taught Me to take control, as I did a number of years ago, and now I am a Professional Mistress, a Goddess, sometimes compassionate but always in control.


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  I am The Bitch that you have dreamed of serving, crawling to, suffering for, that's if I allow you into My space.


The only time that you will find peace in life, that state of mind of pure contentment, is by being at My mercy and submitting to My will. A woman, a Goddess that slaves can adore and worship, but for those moments of sheer pleasure you will suffer so much for Me.


Once you have had the pleasure of sessioning with Me, I will totally captivate and control you, you will be Mine, your thoughts will dwell on your Mistress constantly.


I am a firm but fair Mistress, pushing your boundaries as and when I choose, and not when you choose. BDSM is a constant foreplay of the mind and body, then your soul will follow. Mistress enjoys a variety of play, and will gradually lead you into a world of total submission to her desires.


I have cruel, kind, charming, sexy and nasty persona's, every inch a Dominant woman who knows excatly how to use all of My attributes to get what I want from My stable of slaves.


 Yes I can be a very nasty Bitch once I get to know you, and you will take whatever I choose to inflict upon your flesh. I will toy with your mind and you will be My plaything, as I whisper sweet nothings in your ear, taunting and tantalising you whilst your in My chambers.


However, I am still very approachable, but expect and deserve respect from you at all times.


I am happy to get to understand, what is in your mind via email  and phone.


I DO NOT tolerate time wasters.