Webcam Sessions


Mistress has had a number of successful and fun webcam sessions recently.


 Gradually preparing my body and mind for the session, slipping into the finest leather, stockings and heels. How to finish the look, pulling leather gauntlets on, flexing my fingers until I have a tight perfect fit, the final flourish a peaked leather cap.


And while Mistress was preparing, one slut was slipping into stockings and suspenders


The sessions starts, Mistress a glorious site, the slut a laughing stock in its female attire. So obviously excited as well. but alas of no use to Mistress, far to small.


The slut instructed to be on her knees, to lick and kiss heels, to suck the heel as if it was a cock. To slowly slide the heel between its perfect pink lips, Mistress on the other hand was relaxing, savouring a cool calming smoke.


The slave was instructed to tease its pathetic manhood, to see if it could impress Mistress, but no chance there.


I also really enjoyed a sissy i had on webcam, she was instructed to be dressed in a very frilly pink and white maids outfit, and to present herself locked in chastity.


A penis gag was fitted and done up tightly, and then the sissy maid was forced to sit on a large dildo, such amusement for Mistress.


These sessions were carried out under Mistress's total control, even from a distance.


If your interested by an online session, please see my Live Webcam Page