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Being completely new to this sort of scene i was incredibly nervous before my first meeting with Mistress. i had made initial contact with Her through Webcam sessions where Mistress got to know more about me and my fetish for both smoking and leather and the idea of how feminine and powerful it was for me. She was very understanding and down to earth

Eventually i built up the courage to book a session and it is something i will never forget. Upon arrival i saw before me a leather clad Goddess in a tight waistcoat and perfectly tight trousers. i had never seen anything like this before in person and my heart nearly pounded out of my chest at the perfection that stood before me.

Mistress was aware of my nerves and calmed me down, assuring me that all would be fine and i would enjoy it. It was then time to become Her sissy slut and what i saw in the mirror was incredible. Thigh high leather boots, lipstick, make up, leather trousers and a corset; slut nina had been born.

From being a personalised ashtray to sucking on Mistress beautiful strap on i could never have imagined what would've happened that day. But Mistress captivates and inspires you, pushing your boundaries whilst also having a unique respect for you.

i will never forget the feeling as she edged me in closer to Her to feel Her leather and breathe in Her smoke. Her lips so close to mine but yet so far away as you long to feel them on yours. Indeed Her motto could not be more accurate, you always want what you can't have.

Mistress suzzie, my first and only mistress i'll ever need.

Date of Posting: 08 November 2015
Posted By: slut nina
For Mistress Suzzie

It is difficult to describe the exact feeling when i crawl over the threshold into YOUR chambers. Although i am pulsing with fear there is also a feeling of completeness as i realise i am finally in that place, the only place, where i truly belong as i crawl behind YOUR boots and begin to feel their hypnotic effect. Mistress gives me 2 minutes and i frantically undress tormented by the sound of HER heels outside the room as my Goddess approaches.

Mistress in sunglasses looks so irresistibly sadistic and the idea of being denied a chance to gaze into Mistresses mesmerising eyes makes me shudder in agony. Kneeling i hand over my tribute to my Goddess knowing that it can never be enough to compensate for the incredible journey that Mistress will take my mind and soul upon. The moment You fasten the collar around my neck and attach the leash i am both terrified and grateful; terrified at the thought of suffering under YOUR expert cruelty but so grateful to be in that space where i can identify and actualise myself as a slave. As YOUR slave.

Humiliated with my behind sticking up in the air i realise how pathetic i look as i stare into the mirror especially as i see YOUR reflection there also. You are so stunning Mistress, so captivating, so beautiful, while i am nothing but dirt on YOUR boots. The contrast really brings home to me how things should be. You should be served and worshipped while i should grovel in gratitude even for the slightest opportunity to serve and worship You. You write 'Property of Mistress Suzzie' on my behind and though the ink may be rubbed off, the reality of it sinks deep into the marrow of my bones. i am YOUR property. You are my owner. Thank You so much Mistress.

Bound and on the floor Mistress photographs my humiliation. Despite my state i am happy, proud even, for my whole face to be shown. The world can know who i am; i am a toy, a plaything, a slave for Mistress Suzzie's amusement. This is a part of my identity, a part of who i am. Mistress torments my enslaved cock with the tips and heels of HER boots. i gasp in helpless arousal and fear. i know that Mistress could destroy me, annihilate me; the most vulnerable part of me exposed to HER cruel whims. Thank You Mistress. Thank You for this space, these moments which terrify me so much but which i also need more than anything. What would have become of me without Mistress.

Chained to YOUR torture chair. Electrics applied to my balls. Mistress pushing and expanding my feeble limitations. Realising how pathetically low my pain threshold is and wishing i could amuse Mistress more. YOUR dark red nails manipulate the controls of this latest torture device as easily as you manipulate my captivated mind. Mistress reclines on the bed tormenting me with HER perfect figure. Taunting me by reminding me of what i could never have. She hypnotises me with HER perfect leather sheathed legs and intoxicates me, teasing with HER divine chest while HER superior blonde hair ensnares me. Spellbound, i almost pass out. A slave is bound to feel too much this close to a Goddess. Mistress says it's like an interrogation but it's way past giving information. It's like i am being broken down and remade again to suit Mistress.

Spread-eagled on the bed. Totally helpless. my cock can't help but throb despite the expert cane just centimetres above it's weeping head. Again, Mistress could destroy me in an instant. It gets darker, the volume of the music increases and when the violet wand appears all awareness goes. i am living moments of pure and utter terror. My helpless body and even more helplessly erect manhood is so, so vulnerable. My cock actually wants to shrivel away in fear but it can't. The loud music is necessary to drown out my screams of terror. My body was actually shaking Mistress! It convulsed with my sobs as I felt tears brimming in my eyes. And all the while Mistress taunting me with HER cruel laugh. Please no Mistress, i will do anything. Yes, i will suck cock for Mistress if it pleases Her. i WILL suck cock for Mistress; i WANT TO suck cock for Mistress!


Crawling obediently behind Mistress You command me to lick the dirt of YOUR heels. i savour the taste of the dirt on my tongue and of the feeling of the grit on my teeth. The boots are special because Mistress is in them and this slave appreciates the dirt because they are on the things which Mistresses feet are in. Oh my Goddess, i feel like such a slave! So fortunate to be allowed into YOUR space. i just want to throw myself onto the ground and grovel in the dirt if necessary and clean every single square millimetre of YOUR boots. Intoxicated i worship the leather surrounding my Goddesses feet.

Will Mistress allow release? Previously i would have begged for it. Of course it is Mistresses choice if i am granted release, it always has been. But this time i don't even think about what i so desperately need. Now, i meekly put my head down on the floor before the cruel, pointy tips of Mistresses boots. The choice is Mistresses i say. Mistress laughs. Has She detected that in this moment i have just lost my free will?

My Goddess, My Mistress, My Life

YOUR worshipper, YOUR slave, YOUR property
Date of Posting: 08 November 2015
Posted By: dirt on HER boots
Addiction and arousal
Beautiful and brutal

Captivating and cruel
Domination and denial

Enslaving Enchantress
Forever helpless

Goddess bewitching
Hypnosis beguiling

Incredible beauty
Joyful duty

Kicked he kneels
Licking HER heels

Mistress Mesmerizing
Never releasing

Owned enslaved
Punishment craved

Queen divine
Royalty fine

Submission natural
Training painful

Understanding torturer
Vigorous abuser

Womanly perfection
X-rated correction

Yes, Mistress Suzzie
Zenith of beauty


YOUR slave
Date of Posting: 13 October 2015
Posted By: dirt on HER boots
Much is written here about how fantastically intense and wonderful being in the presence of Mistress Suzzie is, and rightly so.
It is also worth talking about the effect She has on this slave before and after a session too.

After each time I confirm an appointment with THE Mistress (usually a week or two beforehand) something changes. I find it difficult to sleep. I find myself thinking about HER all the time. HER beauty, HER skill as a Mistress, the genuine and fantastic person which I find HER to be, and half in fear half in excitement I think about what HER sadistic intentions may be towards me this time.

As the time draws near a small rational part of me warns me; not only does Mistress Suzzie look the part, She is also incredibly good at what She does. The psychological torture She can, and does, inflict on me, breaks another piece of me every time I am in HER presence.
Mistress respects limits but She does not allow me to stay in my comfort zone; she pushes and bends those limits, and having those limits pushed is not always easy. So, that small rational part of me warns me off, urging me to chicken out.
It is no use of course. I am completely under Mistress Suzzie’s spell.
So, driven by a need, a craving, to submit to Her, and to worship in Her presence I find myself approaching HER chambers with my heart pounding barely able to breathe. As I get to know HER more, I find I get more nervous each new time I go to see HER. This strikes me as odd, I’d have thought I would get less nervous each time. I guess it’s because I am slowly learning more and more about this Goddess and how remarkable She is. She always has something new to torment and to control my mind with, and in crazy desperation I try to figure out what, but all in vain.

An hour before the session my heart is in my mouth as I call to confirm my appointment time. Mistress’ voice on one level is matter of fact, confirming when and where to meet; but on another level it takes hold deep within me. The remaining time is like torture as I go through a wait perfectly balanced between excited anticipation, and terrifying fear.

As I approach Mistress’ chambers my knees are buckling just at the thought that within a few minutes I will be in my Goddess’ captivating presence. When I knock on HER door I know I am giving away my body, mind and soul.
As I enter it as if a deep hypnotic spell comes over me. I kneel low on the ground before the tips of HER boots. Finally, I am in my rightful place, the only place I need to be.
Date of Posting: 13 October 2015
Posted By: dirt on HER boots
The shopping list was sent out, pink stockings not slutty fishnets, yellow coloured ladies panties size 12 but we compromised on flesh colour, looking in the shops yellow is not in the winter collection and red stick on nails.

No specific appointment time was agreed I had to wait around dressed in the latest addition to my wardrobe and wait for the text.
It's funny how you try to picture The Mistress's daily routine and prepare for the text, but that is never going to happen. The text comes through present myself at the feet of The Mistress in 45 minutes, there is a forfeit to be paid for lateness or tardiness, this was going to be tight.

2 minutes late not too bad considering the traffic but still a price to be had.
Even after all this time the nerves still take hold, but quickly subside as the door is opened, your invited in, dropping to your knees waiting for permission to worship Her boots as soon as the door closes. Escorted to the changing room where the inspection takes place, relief as there are no additional forfeits due ....... Yet
Mistress was in a playful, inspirational, creative mood and wanted an afternoon of spontaneity and so Polly was created.
Polly was a blonde, tall well built slut dressed in white thigh high FMB's hiding her pink stockings, her waist tightly clinched extenuating her very large breast squeezed into a bra several sizes too small and finished off with false eye lashes and bright slutty red lipstick and gloss, what a transformation and what great fun.

To keep my clitty in check the electro chastity was used, after all we couldn't have anything poking out of all the ruffles could we. This must be Mistress's favourite toy because once in it you never get out of it until She's finished.

A brief photo session for posterity as this was a first for me but hopefully not the last and then the slut was used and abused as sluts are for the rest of the afternoon.

I don't want to go into too much detail and spoil what may be your story line if you are fortunate to visit, but suffice to say Polly was treated as she should of been, made to suffer for her forfeit, punished for her attitude and finally rewarded for entertaining The Mistress.
Date of Posting: 03 February 2015
Posted By: Just a slave
United Kingdom
Surrendering to Her is easy
Your will dissolves under Her gaze
Whether kneeling down before Her
Or locked up in Her cage
You'll do anything to please Her
To gain Her favour or reward
Captured by Her beauty
She holds you in Her spell
Whats behind that wicked smile ?
You never can be sure or tell
Suffering in silence
Blind to Her next move
A tweeking of a nipple
A stretching of the balls
She is your Goddess
She is your Mistress
You must obey Her call
Date of Posting: 11 January 2015
Posted By: slave mercy
Its time for my Mistress, its no time for debate, its time to be humble, dont ever dare be late !
Its time to listen, to do not to think, listen to everything she says, answer HER call, blindly obey.
Its time for punishment, its time for control, time to surrender, its time to let go !!
Alone in my bondage, how long must i wait, the click of HER heels, that i must lick clean, its time to discover, will SHE be playful or mean.
THE Mistress is playing, there will be no rest, put through my paces, and Mistress knows best.
Surrender to Mistress, worship and adore, will i pass the test as i kneel before.
Its time for restraint, its time to feel pain, embrace the darkness, that brings you back again and again.
Its time for my Mistress, is SHE heaven sent, its time for my Mistress, but its time well spent.

Dedicated to Mistress Suzzie x
Date of Posting: 05 January 2015
Posted By: slave mercy
One day i found the courage to visit my new Queen
Our eyes met, i fell on my knees and crawled into Her scene.
She stood outside the dungeon door dressed head to toe in leather
i knew i was a lucky slave when fate drew us together.
She led me in Her dungeon space i followed like a kitten,
i crawled behind Her step by step, Her latest slave was smitten.
She's beat many times since then and kicked me out the door.
But each times like the first time, i beg for more and more xx
Date of Posting: 11 November 2014
Posted By: Pamela Notworthy
I am the Dungeon cleaner and always do my best.
My Mistress always checks my work and puts me to the test,
She looks in every corner as She checks for dust and dirt,
and if my works not good enough, I know its going to hurt.
She dragged me like a rag doll as She threw me on the bench,
She strapped me down and grabbed Her cane and said
"Now take this wench"
I saw Her in the mirror as She made me take the pain !
And then She made me beg for more and did it all again.
Then when She had finished with my flesh, She gave a little treat.
She let me crawl across the floor and worship at Her feet.

A poem for My Mistress
Date of Posting: 14 September 2014
Posted By: A maid on her knees
Having viewed Mistress Suzzie's excellent website and been drooling over Her gorgeous photos I had been wanting to session with Her for a long time. But knocking on the door of Her discreet premises, nothing prepared me for the vision that greeted me as the door swung open. Mistress Suzzie in head to toe in latex, looking absolutely stunning. As amazing as She looks in her photos, the reality is in another league altogether. An incredible figure and beautiful face is twinned with a warm and friendly personality and a wicked naughty glint in Her mesmerising eyes.
It can often be difficult sessioning with a new Mistress for the first time. Not with Mistress Suzzie. She clearly had paid close attention to my interests and limits that i emailed to Her. She knew exactly what buttons to press and had an instinctive knowledge of how far to push me. Instantly, you know you're in the hands of a consumate professional. Which is a reassuring thing because so captivating and drop dead gorgeous is Mistress Suzzie that you will quickly be more than happy to suffer for Her in any way She demands.
Two days later I was still deliciously sore which gave me wonderful memories of my time at the hands of this beautifully cruel Mistress. Already, i can't wait to serve Her again. Be warned, Mistress Suzzie is a drug that you'll find hard to give up.
slave phil
Date of Posting: 23 June 2014
Posted By: slave phil

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